Bi-Metal Masks

The Bi-Metal mask is an integrated structure of Nickel and Copper (or Kovar) fabricated by etching and electroforming techniques. Overall metal thicknesses up to .040" have been fabricated with tolerances on patterns as tight as +/- .0001". Generally, the total thickness of the mask will be no greater than one-half the distance between the narrowest lands. Pattern openings in the order of .0005" are not unusual requirements. Corner radiusing of rectangular openings is virtually non-existent. Long thin openings having extremely fine definition are possible without distortion. The final Bi-Metal mask is completely encased in .0001" or more nickel. This Bi-metal construction is ideally suited for environmental conditions encountered in most metal evaporation and sputtering processes, and will not deform or crack under most ambient operating temperatures.

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Bi-Metal Mask Generalities

Minimum Opening: .0005" to .001" depending upon size and complexity of mask.

Minimum Land: .0015" (No base metal support will remain)

.003" (Some base metal support may remain)

Base Metal Thickness: .00l" to .040"

Base Metals: Copper, BeCu, Brass, Bronze, and Kovar (Kovar or Invar is used when a Magnetic material is required).

Nickel Thickness: .0006" to .001" (Thicker nickel can be done in many cases if required for a specific application.)

Feature Tolerances: ±.0001" to ±.0005" depending upon size and complexity of mask.

Minimum Order: Prototypes

Maximum Order: Production volume.

All of the above information is general. It is not to be taken as valid for any specific situation without verification from TOWNE TECHNOLOGIES. Due to the limitless design possibilities of metal masks, it is impossible to give you a clear set of design rules.

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