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TOWNE TECHNOLOGIES Ferroxoplates are packaged under clean room conditions, therefore all subsequent operations should be accomplished under similar conditions. The photo resisted plates have been pre-baked at the factory for 30 minutes at 100º ± 1º C. It is recommended (but not required) that the plates again be pre-baked for 30 minutes at 100º C ±5º C the day the plates are to be processed. Pre-baking can be accomplished in the shipping rack in a clean convection type oven.


1. Pre-baking time is not critical.

2. Pre-bake temperatures are critical at 95º to 105º C. Below this temperature the resist may lift after contact. Above this temperature one may experience difficulty in developing the image due to a reduction in sensitivity.

3. Pre-baking prior to exposure eliminates the necessity for post baking. The process from developing through resist removal can be a wet process.


Prior to exposing, allow plates to return to room temperature (21ºC), and blow them off with filtered dry nitrogen or filtered clean dry air. Expose in contact printer using high pressure mercury or other suitable light source with radiation output in the sensitivity band for S 1400-30 photoresist. Correct exposure is determined by proper image size and background clearing with 45 seconds of developing.


Dilute by volume one part Microposit developer with 1 part by volume de-ionized water. Mix completely and adjust to a temperature of 24º C. Immerse plate and agitate for 45 seconds, rinse plate thoroughly with filtered de-ionized water and blow dry with nitrogen or clean dry air. Inspect plate for proper image size and development. For automatic spin or spray development the developer bath may require a more concentrated solution because of the reduced temperatures at the thin film surface.


Post baking is optional. It is usually not required if pre-baking step is used. The post bake, if used, is 10 minutes at 120º C.


ETCHANT: 160 grams ferrous chloride crystals, 350cc water, 700cc concentrated hydrochloric acid. Dissolve 160 grams of ferrous chloride in 350cc water (40º C). Add the hydrochloric acid to the ferrous chloride solution.

ETCHING: Etch at 24º C with HCl-ferrous chloride etchant. Using suitable plate holder and constant agitation, etching should be complete in 40 to 60 seconds. Rinse etched plate with de-ionized water and blow dry. Inspect etched images to insure a complete etch.


Soak plates in Shipley 1112 remover for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hot water followed by a wash with Photoflo and hot water. Finally rinse with filtered de-ionized water and dry in a clean environment.


After etching, resist stripping, and cleaning, masks should be baked at a temperature of 120º C for a period of 45 minutes to enhance film hardness and chemical resistance. Allow masks to cool before removing from oven.

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